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Catholic House

The Katház Public Benefit Nonprofit Ltd is a cultural and training institution in the city center of Szeged implementing a high-level program organizing activity. The organization is a state- accredited adult training institution as well, so we also offer a nice variety of trainings to the interested.

The organization is located at one of the most popular and busy squares of the city, in the neighborhood of the central building of the University of Szeged, and it is close to the Votive Church, too.

The institution is an important cultural and training center of the city as well as the South Region of Hungary. We have built a wide range of partnerships and cooperation with organizations of various profiles.

Our most important partner is the Catholic Youth Foundation that implements a relevant and well-known youth and program organizing activity in the Diocese and the Region. The Foundation also manages a Café called Café Millenniumi, located just next to the Catholic House.

The Café is an important basis of the municipal and regional cultural life: exhibitions, series of lectures, concerts, dance evenings and many other programs are organized time to time in it. In addition, in the summertime (from May to September) the Café offers its service to the interested at an open terrace. For further information, please visit the site: Page of the Millenniumi Kávéház

Besides the above mentioned partnerships, we have gathered some very important project experience in foreign projects. We are working with partners from Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Romania and Serbia as well. Our main foreign partner for long years is the German organization Renovabis Foundation. Furthermore, in 2012 we took part as the Lead Beneficiary in an IPA Hungary-Serbia Cross-border Cooperation Program and recently we have built a well-working relationship with the Social Academy of Dortmund. In addition, our newest project to implement is an Erasmus+ project in cooperation with an Italian organization concerning youth training activity.

Besides the partnerships and project experience, there is another reason for choosing us for a future cooperation: the management and the employees of the institution provide high-level, creative and dynamic common work. The innovative team has a wide range of foreign language knowledge (English, Italian, German and Serbian) and they have important leading and management experience, too.

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